March 9, 2009

Who is Michael Wales?

Category: About Wales Woodworking — Karen @ 8:58 pm

Wales Woodworking – Mike Wales
84 Whig Street, Newark Valley, NY 13811
(607) 642-8261


Michael Wales is an accomplished and skilled woodworker residing in a quiet upstate New York community. He artfully designs and builds his one of a kind projects from his woodshop/studio. His clients are a diverse range of homeowners, businesses and individuals who are drawn to the connection he has with nature and the wood he uses. He has been a fulltime professional woodworker for over two decades and has worked with the medium all of his life. He is appreciated for his willingness to collaborate with his clients and meet their expectations and desires, guiding them to find the best solution for their needs on an individual basis.

Michael spends his spare time pursuing his passion for nature, hiking, mountain biking and spending time in the woods. He is often joined by his adult son, Miles Wales who through Mike’s guidance is becoming a skilled and accomplished woodworker himself.

Michael is available for all types of projects from building a small piece of furniture to remodeling entire rooms. He enjoys creativity and welcomes challenges. Please contact him directly at or 607-642-8261.

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